High Pressure Cleaning

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Walk this way! The ever-busy walkways should always be tidy if you want your house to look nice and avoid people slipping.


Roofs don't only protect your head, but your belongings as well. Rains and debris can make them both slippery and prone to leaks.


Wear and tear of weather, but also the mischief of children and pets can ruin the prettiest of walls, but we can fix it.

Graffiti removal

Are vandals at it again? We target the tags and take back your windows' and walls' clean selves back from the bandits.

Shop front cleaning

Nothing is less attractive to customers than neglected looks. Lucky for you, even the most stubborn dirt can be washed away!

Industrial cleaning

Dirty machines are not only ugly, but also a security hazard. Keep your factory clean and safe by calling our maintenance crew.

How to get the best high
pressure cleaning service?

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Why do I need high pressure cleaning service?

How do I know it’s time to clean?

How can you help me?

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  • Fast, Efficient and Affordable
  • Highest Level of Safety & Compliance
  • All work is Guaranteed
  • 100% satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Mess, No Harm to the Environment
  • We will leave your home cleaner than when we arrived
  • Servicing Greater Metropolitan Adelaide
  • Available 24/7

Whether you’re a large company or a residential property owner, you can turn to us for all your property maintenance needs.

Other services we offer



A place for learning should always run smoothly - and we know how to help.



Why put your home at risk from weather's whims? Take a look at our top-notch cleaning services.

Spporting Clubs

Sporting Clubs

Making a way for young spirits to thrive is very important. Don't let dirt get in their way.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Sensitive groups require special care. Keep your facility clean for the most safety and joy.

Forensic Cleaning

Forensic Cleaning

Even detectives need help from time to time. We destroy all the evidence you don't need anymore.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Always available for urgent cleaning matters, we are fast, efficient and reliable.

You'd might also like to know that we work with environmentally safe products, so you don’t have to fear hazardous fumes and chemicals. 

If this was enough to convince you, you can get your professional ​cleaning by contacting us on (08) 7078 8038, or fill out an online form to get your 10% discount on your first service from us.