The full range of services for every property maintenance need.

Property Repair

We have licensed and experienced trades people available to attend your property and undertake the full range of building maintenance works, we have trust worthy contractors we call on for specialist trades such as plumbing & electrical requirements, so you can trust that works are completed to the highest quality and standard.

Specialised Industrial Cleaning

Specialists in big technical or nasty one-off cleans – filthy walls or ceiling, greasy kitchens, air vents, buildup of dirt, light fittings and ledges, buildup of pigeon waste or grease buildup on paving.

Graffiti Removal

Integrated Property Solutions are Adelaide’s graffiti removal specialists. We know the ideal products and cleaning techniques to give the best results on every type of surface.

Fire, Flood & Mould

A catastrophic event such as fire or flood can have devastating effects on property. Once the crisis is over, you need someone to help pick up the pieces and get you back on your feet.

Make-safe & Insurance

We have an excellent record of working with the insurance industry. By delivering reliable and responsive service when it’s needed most, we have become a trusted provider.

Property Maintenance & Landscaping

We have carried out tasks for many clients ranging from the washing of multi-story buildings to helping protect historical possessions. We also provide landscaping services to maintain your property.


Whatever the need, whatever the size of the job, we have the experience to get the job done.

Contact Us

Contact us, and we will prioritise your job according to its urgency.


We will attend your property within a set timeframe and do the work.


We carry out the work to repair, restore or reinstate as needed.


We also offer maintenance services according to a schedule.


Specialised Industrial Cleaning

IPS are not your routine cleaner. Our focus is specialising in doing those big technical or nasty one-off cleans. You know… the ones that slowly build up over time, then one day – and often in a big hurry – the place needs a big “spring clean”.

Filthy walls or ceiling, greasy kitchens, high area air vents covered in dust, a build up of dirt in those hard to get places, light fittings and ledges in the common areas – they all need periodic cleaning. Outside it might be a build up of pigeon waste or grease build up on the paving.


Graffiti. It’s an unpleasant reality of modern life. Whether it’s the vindictive targeting of a specific site or business, or just random ‘tagging’ – either way, it gives a feeling of apathy and decay to a property and must be dealt with promptly.

A quick solution is simply a phone call away.

Integrated Property Solutions are Adelaide’s graffiti removal specialists, so before you reach for that bucket and sponge, allow us to offer a simple solution. We know the ideal products and cleaning techniques to give the best results on every type of surface: brick, timber, colourbond, metal, glass, pavers, concrete – painted, or unpainted.

Schools, commercial properties, private houses, insurance jobs, large or small – we’ll get in fast and get the job done quickly at any time of the day or night. We are fully insured,WHS compliant and licensed by the EPA; meaning that we can safely carry out our work in public places, and are environmentally responsible in our cleaning methods

Fire, Flood & Mould

A catastrophic event such as a fire or serious flooding can have a devastating effect on property, business and individuals. Once the immediate crisis is over, you need someone to help pick up the pieces and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Make-safe & Insurance

Integrated Property Solutions has an excellent record of collaboration with the insurance industry. By delivering reliable and responsive service when it’s been needed most, we have become a trusted provider to insurance companies, insurance brokers and the insured, for both make safe and restoration of buildings and contents following unplanned events, natural disaster, fire, flood, break-in or pathological/trauma incidents.

Property Repair & Maintenance

We have carried out tasks for many commercial clients ranging from the washing of multi-story buildings, to helping to protect some of the country’s rarest historical possessions. Our structure allows the company to have available licensed and experienced people capable of undertaking the full range of building maintenance, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical and painting.

Whether you need a handy person to fix a door, stuck window, damaged ceiling or faulty locks, or you have larger building repairs and big maintenance jobs, our experienced team of people are able to cost effectively and conveniently attend your property and rectify these problems.


It’s important not to overlook the physical appearance and visual appeal of your property surroundings. Well-maintained gardens and landscapes can add value to your property by expressing your credibility to clients, and the impression you take pride in who you are and what you do.

Integrated Property Solutions provide landscaping services to ensure your property is maintained to a professional standard, giving your business or residence a good first impression. Whether it’s maintenance or an overhaul on any outdoor area, IPS has the necessary skills and equipment to provide second-to-none landscaping solutions in line with your other programmed maintenance.

Our Operational Methodology

Integrated Property Solutions will allocate the appropriate levels of Management, Supervision, Labour and Equipment to ensure we deliver as close as possible to the KPI outcomes required.

Integrated Property Solutions uses the following operational model to ensure we are able to respond to our clients requirements. We have 8 fully equipped vehicles able to be tasked across the greater Adelaide Metropolitan area. We task our teams generally 2 to 6 people (dependent upon the task) in a manner which always leaves us the flexibility to close down a job to respond to a higher priority tasking, whilst 4 of the vehicles may be on jobs which are longer term tasking (preventative gutter cleaning program) we will have at least 2 teams plus our 2 supervisors available to respond to a urgent call from our clients. If the nature of the call requires it we will escalate the shutdown of a preventative tasking to ensure adequate resources are available for the immediate priority tasking.

Whilst we would like to be able to claim 100% client satisfaction we understand the reality of our operating environment and the affects it has on our business, hence we undertake to do all within our control to comply and meet our clients expectations.

Job Management – Responsive/Breakdown

Priority 1 Emergency

Integrated Property Solutions have 8 fully equipped service vehicles plus 2 supervisors who are able to respond to a request.

At any given time we would be able to be onsite within 1 hour, based upon the last client audit we achieve this time frame in excess of 98% of the time.

The remaining 2% could be affected by peak period traffic movements, road works or high demand storm or catastrophe events which would affect all responding organisations.

Priority 2 Urgent 2 – 4 Hours

With our fleet of vehicles and teams we would be able to respond to these calls within the nominated time frame.

Some of our clients ask us to operate under contractual conditions which require 2 hour response times to certain situations.

Financial penalties apply for noncompliance; we achieve this benchmark in over 96% of cases.

Priority 3 Normal by end of day if before 1pm or 1pm next day

This Priority timeframe is achievable for all jobs except in a serious storm or catastrophe event causing disruption to scheduled works plans.

Priority 4 within 5 business days

We classify client requirements of “within a week” as Priority 4 and undertake to carry out the works within the 5 following business days.

Priority 5 within 30 days

Works with a timeframe of “sometime in the next month” are classified as Priority 5 and will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time following discussions with the client.

We also use this classification for scheduled Preventative Maintenance works.

Job Management - Preventative Works

As part of our Project Management process we have recently implemented a new Job Management Software which is used extensively in the restoration and building industries to track and manage the diverse range of projects we undertake.

All tasks are able to be emailed or texted to our work crews and in the longer term digital documentation of Customer Service Reports, JSEA will be available to our clients.

Job Management & Documentation

Integrated Property Solutions has implemented a job management system based upon the I-man Application Software which is widely used in the insurance and building repair sector.

All jobs have a Customer Service Report & JSEA completed with copies left on site as appropriate. We ask that our client or their customer sign the CSR document to verify that the works have been completed.

Copies of CSR & JSEA can be forwarded with our invoice if required.

Whether you’re a large company or a residential property owner you can turn to IPS for all your property maintenance needs.