Case Study - Seaside Failing Decking Project

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The problem

IPS was tasked with repairing an outdoor deck in a seaside location where the boards were beginning to splinter and crack due to continual exposure to the elements.

Upon further inspection, IPS discovered extensive rotting, which meant any repairs made to the existing product would only serve as a temporary solution and the deck would likely require continuous ongoing repairs in the future.

The harsh Australian weather, characterised by extreme heat, intense sunlight, high UV radiation and heavy rainfall, and the salt spray from the ocean, all contribute to causing significant wear and tear on the timber.

Proposed Solution

Recognising the importance of providing our clients with comprehensive solutions, IPS assessed the extent of the damage and proposed the use of composite decking to replace the rotting timber boards. Composite decking is better suited to withstand the local environmental challenges, given the location and exposed nature of the site.

Composite decking is made from recycled timber fibres, recycled plastics, natural minerals and polymer resins. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it offers superior durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as requiring less maintenance.

A cost estimate and estimated timeframe was also provided to the client. Multiple quotes were obtained by IPS as part of this process.

The plan

While the property manager was obtaining budget approvals for the replacement work, IPS took proactive measures to ensure the area remained functional and accessible to the occupants. IPS promptly carried out repairs as needed, allowing the space to be utilised without any inconvenience.

The work carried out by IPS

• Overall project management
• Providing the client with regular updates
• Organising trades to assess the damage
• Proposed solution including third party estimates
• Scheduling of trades required to carry out temporary repairs
• Monitoring of work carried out by composite deck installers
• Job completion

Case Study - Seaside Failing Decking Project
Case Study - Seaside Failing Decking Project

The outcome

The replacement of the deck with composite decking was approved as part of an improvement project. IPS completed the work in a timely manner and are delighted to share that the client is extremely satisfied with the outcome.

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