It can be a challenge to spot potential issues when you are constantly immersed in the day-to-day management of your property. As a property owner or manager, your focus is often spread across multiple tasks and responsibilities, making it easy to miss important maintenance concerns that may have a significant impact on the overall condition and value of your building. 

Below is a non-exhaustive list of often overlooked issues which we’ve come across repeatedly over our 25 years of building maintenance experience. Every one of the items on the list below has caused issues for the many commercial property managers, schools and businesses we have worked with over the years.

1. Roof cleaning (especially around exhaust fans and flues)
Roof cleaning is listed in the budget but often pushed out to the next year to save costs. When was the last time work was actually carried out?

2. Gutter and downpipe cleaning
Most people remember gutters, but downpipes are easy to overlook and very difficult to check. You would be surprised by some of the things we have found blocking downpipes over the years!

3. Ceiling spaces
Space between the ceiling and roof or between the ceiling and the next floor. These can be difficult to access and therefore often get missed. They can also be a welcoming space for pests and birds.

4. Storerooms
Out of sight, out of mind – especially the rarely accessed storerooms which are often cluttered and untidy. Whilst you may find things you have forgotten you had; we often find undesirable things like vermin infestations.

5. Pest control
Food-oriented businesses are familiar with the presence of rats, mice, and cockroaches. However, non-food property managers and those managing new buildings should maintain pest inspection programs to protect the asset.

6. Bird poop
Birds can create layers of poop wherever they can access. This can become a serious issue in ceiling spaces, as the first indication of the problem may be a collapsing ceiling.

Ceiling that has collapsed due to bird waste

7. Roof ventilators (whirly birds)
Roof ventilators are effective at reducing cooling and heating costs and even play a role in preventing mould in your building. But here’s the thing – are your whirly birds really doing their job? Often, they go unchecked because access can be very difficult. We suggest combining the inspection of your roof ventilators with your gutter cleaning and roof inspection.

8. Hidden plant
It is easy to forget about things that are out of sight, like the AC and evaporative coolers tucked away on the roof or hidden in a corner. While refrigeration units, switching panels, solar panels and the like are serviced regularly, one crucial aspect tends to go unnoticed – the build-up of debris under the equipment. These are often hiding spots for many unwelcomed creatures.

9. AC filters
Cleaning AC filters regularly can improve efficiency, save costs, and increases the lifespan of the unit.

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